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Making planning Fun

A workshop which enhances the implementation of your Idea. A very interactive and creative workshop where you get enthusiastic about your plan. It makes you want to start immediately…..

What the attendees took away

  • dollys‘With this workshop I built stronger relationships with other business owners by sharing ideas’
  • ‘This will be the picture by my desktop with how I can achieve my goals and by when’
  • ‘This made goal setting fun and helped to link my goals together’
  • ‘For me this was a great opportunity to really look at the year ahead really good to talk it through with other people’

How people experienced Jeanine

  • ‘Jeanine is a warm, friendly, and knowledgeable lady!’
  • ‘It was brilliant, loved her approach + practical task’
  • ‘Jeanine was confident, inspiring, supportive and directive’
  • ‘Extremely helpful; I found it difficult to realize my goals and was stuck on the actions! Needed to do, so Jeanine was very helpful in making me understand my goal, through my actions! Charley Mill photography’

Sharing a household, ‘your plate, my plate’


This workshop held at Athena networking event and ‘woman outside the box day’(WOTB) in Bristol UK.

Do you know whether you run the household, you both are a part of, as efficient as possible? This specific event was for ladies who run a business from home. Often you think you have a certain amount of time and energy to run the business. But when you can share the household with your partner in an efficient manner you’ll find more can be done in less time and with less effort!

This workshop turned ut to be a very useful and relationship building workshop. Attendees felt understood and discovered new ways of making the running of their household together with their partner, more pleasant and efficient.

What former attendees took away

  • ‘It is a common challenge issue ’
  • ‘I have learned to let go ’
  • ‘Opened up discussion of negotiation, appreciating each others’ point offered and going forward ’
  • ‘Opened up communication, team work, share responsibility’
  • ‘Negotiating – what do we get in return – comment about children activating to join in household and ‘Good will of both partners’. It was a good space to vent and exchange ideas ’
  • ‘Many of us have the same issues ’
  • ‘Have a more positive attitude that i can preserve and be more patient ’
  • ‘I’ve learned to tackle my approach to asking-install goodwill ’
  • ‘Plate exercise, asking with could instead of would ’
  • ‘It is not just my husband ’
  • ‘Positive and goodwill, the plates will do at home, and create it and nurture it!’
  • ‘It was a great exercise, and made us all mindful of the things we do and the things we take for granted! In our case, I realized that I took quite a bit of what my husband does do for granted, often feeling that he wasn’t pulling his weight with the childcare and housekeeping. So, now I’m remembering to take that into account and recognise all he does do, while he has become better at making more time for our child and appreciating all the things I do! Thank you very much Jeanine.

Introduction to coaching with an extra subject of ‘looking at retirement’


March 2012 I have done this workshop for a local womens institute group (WI). This woman’s group had asked me and I have enjoyed the evening. We have discussed what coaching was and how they look onto their own retirement.


What former attendees took away

  • The evening was much thought provoking, stimulating, informative and interesting.
  • Showed that there is a way to approach every problem
  • lluminating- the wheel of life exercise
  • Eye opener into different facets of life and thinking about retirement.
  • The evening allowed self-examination and reflection
  • The evening was very interesting and enjoyable


How people experienced Jeanine

  • Jeanine is professional and relaxed in this setting. She has genuine interest in people and their situations.
  • Jeanine is very pleasant, unassuming and informative.
  • She provided a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere, kept everyone involved by posing questions etc.
  • She is friendly and approachable
  • She is fun, empathetic and experienced as a coach
  • She is warm, interesting, knowledgeable, and listens well

With a big thanks to MRS J. Morris for inviting me

JEH Coaching

Neem contact op met Jeanine en bespaar jezelf tijd, energie, moeite en geld die je, na de samenwerking met Jeanine, doelgerichter en effectiever kunt inzetten.

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